Innodata Labs

Over the past five years, we have built a technology infrastructure that automates data transformation. Our technology infrastructure combines advanced dataflow, deep learning, computer vision and purpose-built “workbenches” used by human experts.

Our proprietary Goldengate platform is our core AI technology stack. Goldengate transforms documents into structured data that people can use for generating inferences and powering analytical applications. Goldengate is low-code AI implementing transfer learning and massive language models. It can be provisionned on any document genre or domain within minutes. is our workbench for training industry-best layout analysis and automatic table parsing and structuring. is our workbench for training and correcting OCR and establishing reading order on degraded images and complex layouts. is our all-in-one workbench for entity extraction, entity normalization, entity linking, clause categorization and text generation.

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Remote Work

We've been a fully remote team since 2016 and we value action, autonomy and trust

Full Cycle ML

Talk with clients, develop ML solutions under real business constraints, push to production

AI Playground

Thousands of subject matter experts working on hundreds of projects creating more data you could ever handle

Active Learning

We are looking for an active learning expert to speed up training and lower cost for our clients

Privacy-preserving AI

Can you make cross-silo federated learning work and help us build next gen privacy-preserving AI?

Content Moderation

The opportunity is only as big as the difficulty and the importance of the problem as the world drifts in the fake and the conspiracies

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