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David Nadeau

Team leader, PhD: "Semi-supervised learning approach to named entity recognition", Hadoop early adopter.

Mike Kroutikov

Senior Machine Learning Developer: tirelessly climbing steep learning curves and making things done. Happy to have hobby as work.

Michael Yee

Machine Learning Developer: versatile researcher, coder and problem solver.

Ravi Sharma

Machine Learning Developer: evolving with the rise of machines by upgrading knowledge in machine learning, big data and artificial intelligence.

Arpita Sharma

Machine Learning Developer: problem solver, researcher with insatiable intellectual curiosity.

Chinmay Gadkari

Machine Learning developer: coder, inspired to contribute in the world of machine learning and data analytics.

Ankita Sonal

Senior Program Manager: problem solver, code crafter - gets things done.



Innodata (NASDAQ: INOD) is a leading services company providing content solutions, data analytics and related services to publishers, information providers, and enterprises.

In response to market demand for transformation from print publishing to online publishing and from search-based information products to workflow-based information products, we are continuously adopting new strategies, technologies and processes.

Innodata Labs

Innodata Labs is our research arm. The lab's mission is to advance Innodata technologies with the latest and most accurate algorithms and techniques from Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing.

Innodata Labs leverages a team of veteran technologists and disruptive newcomers from around the world to make a difference and contribute to our success.

Deep Learning & Microservices

Does it sound like an exciting adventure? We have extensive knowledge in Machine Learning, Deep Learning on Tensorflow, Big Data and MicroServices. Do you?